How Deep My Love


Today, He had to leave Indonesia.
I was a little surprise.
He, who according to my view and my mom, looks like maybe he could not work outside the country. Piss.
Because once he had said to me September 2008 going to Europe.
But after September he did not go.
But now?
I wrong.
I can’t believe it!
Too fast for me to know!
I knew he would go from her Facebook yesterday!
Oh God, please help me!
It’s so complicated for me!
He has a girlfriend here?
I don’t care!
But, went away for eight months out of Indonesia?
It’s really so sad!
I have not said goodbye to him. =(
But if the departure is far the best that God has give to me to forget him, I pray that he becomes a success when returning to Indonesia and healthy always.
I’ll see You next time dude! Take care! 

*keadaan ini sepertinya bagai suatu keanehan untuk gue. Kebetulan gue lagi buat cerita untuk film pendek gue yang based on true story sih, yang dimana cowo yang dicintainya akan pergi ke Eropa selama – lamanya. Tiba2... eng ing eng... doi Gue juga pergi jauh! Arrgghhhhh!!!!! Jujur tadinya Gue udah bisa ngelupain Dia. Tapi ketika tau Dia sudah pergi jauh, Gue engga rela. Gue lebih rela Dia punya cewe disini daripada harus pergi meninggalkan Indonesia! Hiks2. Waktu ulang taonnya taon kemarin, gue sempet bikinin dia video ulang tahun. Tapi karena keburu dia udah jadian, finally gue mengurungkan niat gue itu. Maybe I hope someday I can give that video for him.  

Keep Cadaasss!!!


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